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We have free Bible Studies that can be downloaded and used for individuals, small groups , or Sunday fellowship gatherings. We want to you take the resources and use them for teaching and training. Our Bible Studies are prepared in such a way that you can do additional research and add extensively, or simply study as-is. Our goal is to help encourage you to be a student of the Word.
Each Study will
-help you understand what is actually written
-help you retain the main points of each chapter and book
-help you grow in understanding of the time, place and culture of the original writing

When you complete the study you should have a solid foundational understanding of what the author was conveying through the power of the Holy Spirit. Encourage a friend to join in, and allow time for discussion after each chapter.

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Freedom Today Television

Freedom Today Television is a great resource. Be sure to watch our program. We talk with individuals just like you and I who have gone through some very difficult times and they share their story of how God brought them through those times. We hope you find them resourceful as well as entertaining. If you are impacted from our resources please get in touch. We would love to here from you and we would love to hear your story.

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