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Why did you write your new book, No Regrets?

No Regrets is not about getting over regrets. It's about how to live in such a way that you will not have regrets.

1. What was the basis for the book, No Regrets?

My dad lived to serve the Lord. He modeled what living a life of no regrets looked like to me. On his deathbed He said, I have no regrets.

2. What did you personally go through while working on No Regrets?

I had a health crisis which could have resulted in death. I was given four diagnoses, three were taken off the table, the one left had no cure, no treatment, and no hope.

3. How did your father's life impact your own personal journey?

He lived out a godly legacy and my entire purpose for living came out of the legacy he passes forward.

4. One chapter discusses the importance of forgiveness. How does forgiveness impact living a life of no regrets?

I see so many people who live in their own chains. Forgiveness sets us free, honors God, and allows us to move forward instead of stuck in the past.

5. You also discuss the importance of godly character in leaving a godly legacy, what lessons can you share with the reader about being intentional when making everyday decisions in life?

Character is everything. You will never move into your intended destiny if you walk without integrity. We don't realize how close the two are tied together. I discuss the importance of godly character and the role it plays in living without regret.

6. Love is an emotion that is often volatile. How can we intentionally live our lives by the biblical model of love and how does your book, No Regrets help us do that?

Our understanding of love is often based on our acts of kindness, but Apostle Paul gives us a deeper definition that is more than deeds. He teaches us that biblical love is based on heart attitudes. I share with my readers what that looks like.

7. What did you want to accomplish by writing No Regrets?

My goal is to help the reader become more intentional. I have talked with many at the end of their lives and they often ask themselves, "What have I really accomplished?" No Regrets helps you to process through that question while you have time to make a difference.

8. You spend time discussing second chances. What can you share with us today, regarding the second chances you've been given?

We who have been saved have all been given a second chance, a chance to share Christ with others. This is the most important thing we can do with eternal value.

9. You also discuss the power of paying it forward. What do you mean by that?

You will reap what you sow. Are you sowing into others, the revelation, and knowledge you've been given? Are you passing the blessings to the undeserving, needy, broken or lost? I discuss the importance of passing foreward what you've been given.

10. How important is it for us, the readers, to be intentional in their day-today living?

If we aren't intentional, we will come to a point when we will wander where the time has gone. I encourage the reader to take time to pray and listen to the Lord for the plans He has for their life. Follow after those plans. I give the reader in each chapter ways they can become intentional about leaving a godly legacy for their children and grandchildren.

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Merely to live among men requires of us years of hard toil and much care
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In sharp contrast to this is our life in the Spirit.

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On his deathbed, my father looked me in the eye and said, "Robin, I have no regrets." That statement puzzled me. I was confused at the time. As I began to think about his statement, I quickly recognized that I already had plenty of regrets in my own life. I wondered, How do you live your life in such a way that you can truly say, "I have no regrets"? I pondered that statement for some time. I knew my father. He was a quiet, loving man, but he was not perfect. He had successes and failures just like everyone else. He was a very hard worker. He loved God and he loved life. He loved the small things in life. He loved Maddy's mountain, our home place in Virginia. He loved the outdoors. We used to take long hikes through the forest behind our home together. He loved a good meal. I guess that's where I developed a love for preparing great dinners for my family. He instilled in me a love for God and a love for family. He loved to play the piano and sing, and he loved people. But how could he say that he had no regrets?

At some point, we will all die. That inevitable reality should be a wakeup call. Will we be able to say that we paid attention to the most important things in life, or will we look back with deep regret and wish we could just have a do-over? Will we be able to say that we lived life to its fullest, or will we say that we did just enough to get by?

"LORD, make me to know my end and what is the extent of my days; Let me know how transient I am. Ps 39:4 .

Truth be told, most of us live as though we will always have tomorrow, but we absolutely do not have that assurance. We don't know how or when death may come. We can't simply put off being the person God wants us to be and avoid doing what He has called us to do. We can't rely on the "tomorrows" and "somedays." My friend, "someday" may not come. I want to encourage you: take this day and make it the best day ever. Live it as if you will not have tomorrow.

Pastor Keith Kelly of Dove's Niteline said- "This is a book for the ages. I believe it is as important as Oswell Chambers, The Utmost for His Highest, or A tale of Three Kings, by Gene Edwards."

"I was watching Babbie's House on TV and she had you on as a guest. Your words were so inspirational and eloquent, that I felt it would be a blessing to hear what you shared in the book. Less than 5 minutes into your talking on the tv show, I had hopped into Amazon with my smart phone and placed the order! 🙂" R.S.


"I’ve decided to do as you did and pray your “Pillars of Abundant Living” that you have in your awesome book! Your five “Steps of Faith” are a guideline to follow each day. Thank you so much for your insight, knowledge, wisdom and love for those of us who continue to struggle with understanding the “Promises of God” and how they can impact our lives on a daily basis! May God Bless you Robin, abundantly" All my love, Your sister in Christ, D.W>

"It's rare that I read a book that I don't want to put down, Robin Bertram's, "No Regrets" was one book that compelled me to keep on reading. Nothing is much more important than understanding the brevity of life. After reading this book I plan on living a much more intentional life. Robin gives clear guidelines on how to live a life with no regrets, and leave a legacy that will have an eternal impact to those who live after you."-Kathleen Hardaway

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