Freedom Today

is a current, cutting-edge Christian television show which addresses current "in the news" issues, biblical worldview, radical life-changing testimonials and solid biblical teaching.

Fresh and innovative, this program promises to capture triumph over tragedy, thus encouraging personal growth and intimacy with Jesus Christ. With a contemporary loft setting, this show is geared toward young adults as well as the mature individual. Freedom Today is provocative and modern and addresses hard-hitting questions with strong, biblical solutions, which will promote .....Freedom Today!

Robin's vision for Freedom Today is to educate, entertain and equip viewers around the globe. We reach both the religious sector and the secular population with hard-hitting topics discussed in the show. Regardless of age, ethnicity or socio-economic background, we discuss issues which are familiar with most individuals, either personally or through family or friends.

Check your local cable and satellite Christian networks for schedules in your local area or check out Youtube or our website for more shows.

Robin Bertram Ministries

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