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Donna Vanliere:Sexual Molestation

Ken: One of the most soul-shattering experiences a person can ever live through is sexual molestation, and like post traumatic syndrome can take years to heal - if ever.
Robin: If you've ever questioned where God was or what he was doing in the most difficult moments of your life, you will relate to Donna Vanliere’s true and inspiring story. Her real life story encompasses surviving being sexually -Molested
. Ken: I think we can nearly all agree that child molesters need to be dealt with in a swift and severe manner, but too often it seems like all of our energy is directed towards the offender, and we don’t deal effectively with the victim and their needs.
Let’s see what the man on the street feels about this powerful and difficult issue.
Twice at a very early age, a miscarriage and multiple failures with fertility efforts. While confronting the painful legacy of her past, she discovered the undeserving and transformational gift of grace.
Man on the street Ken: Donna VanLeire will be the first to tell you “that none of her dreams turned out the way she had planned- but she thanks God - that they didn’t!”
Ken: Statistics and information: The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect defines child sexual assault as: "Contacts or interactions between a child and an adult when the child is being used for sexual stimulation of the perpetrator or another person when the perpetrator or another person is in a position of power or control over the victim." Research has shown that victims typically develop psychological coping, or blocking, mechanisms which may cause them to suppress the abuse or prevent their understanding of the cause of their trauma.
Robin: One of the devils strongest weapons: Secrecy Keeping the secret is absolutely necessary in order to avoid consequences and to allow continued availability of the victim. The longer the secret is held, the longer the behavior is able to continue. Children will usually keep the secret unless the confusion and pain is too great, or unless it is accidentally revealed. Many never tell, or do not disclose the secret until years later.
Robin: If you've ever questioned where God was or what he was doing in the most difficult moments of your life, you will relate to Donna Van Liere’s true and inspiring story. To most, molestation, or the experience is so shameful and traumatic that they actually forget (or block) the experiences. When other problems arise in adulthood, therapists often find, to the surprise of the victim, that childhood molestation, which was blocked is at the root of the present problems.

How does one heal from the traumatic ordeal? 1. Believe me…if you’ve been abused “This was not your fault.”
An abused child carries into adulthood a cloud of shame and guilt. Fearful of being exposed, the offender threatens the child and later, the child blames him or herself for allowing the abuse to continue. Sexual abuse or molestation is a violation of the law. It is an abuse of power, and it is an abomination. God ‘s word is clear about those who harm or hurt the innocent children. He is a God of justice. He will not turn His head.
2. Accept the sovereignty of God, knowing justice will prevail.
The abused often wonder, Why God, did you allow this to happen?” The answer is also written. God has set up spiritual laws and those laws do not change. He has put in place, protective measures, and guidelines. If those precepts were followed, there would be no abuse. God, however, allows for free will, even if that free will infringes on the rights of others. If he did not allow free will, he would not be a God of freedom, liberty, and justice. 3. Choose to forgive your offender; in this, you yourself are freed.
Forgiveness does not mean you relinguish your rights for justice. It simply means you release the offender, so that you too, may be released from the pain of the situation. This is a choice, once it is made, the feelings will follow.
4. Bless your enemies. This is a weapon of warfare, which allows God to work on your behalf. When you handle things according to the scriptures, you win!
5. Share your story. The power to overcome is in your testimony. The word of God says,…..They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. Rev 21:11
Choose to walk in total victory! Freedom is yours today!
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