Exalt His Name

Exalt His Name

Several years ago I was asked to go to court with a woman who was going through some very difficult situations. I had been her prayer minister for several months and she simply asked me to pray that the truth would come out in her case.

As I entered the courthouse in Georgia, I was stopped by one of the guards right before I went through the metal detector. The man asked rather abruptly, “What is that?” I answered, “Oh, that's my Bible”.

He said, “Well, lady, you are not going in with it.” I was so shocked. “Excuse me”, I said. Certainly he must have been kidding. “What do you mean?”, I asked.

He emphatically replied, “I mean, you are not going in with it!”

My rather abrupt retort was, “Well, don't you still have witnesses swear on the Bible?”

“Yes, we do, but you are not going in with it!”

“I will leave my Bible here with you, but I am still going in with it. It’s in here; it’s in my heart!”

This began the painful awakening in my spirit to the lost freedoms that we have incurred in this nation. It also set a desire in my heart to vehemently proclaim the Name of Jesus, His Word, and the power in His Name. As Christians, we must do something! Now is the time to act. Now is the time to move. There is a real sense of urgency. Will you join me?

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