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Poignant. Powerful. And highly practical. Robin Bertram combines honesty, vulnerability, and battle-earned wisdom to bless us with life-proven advice we can use to enhance our lives. Following her excellent guidance, we can learn to love others more deeply, celebrate life with joy and passion, overcome life's obstacles, and do it all with No Regrets. Highly recommended. Read it and reap!

Mary Hollingsworth
Best-Selling Author of 100+ Christian Books
Publisher, Creative Enterprises Studio

Life, no matter how long one lives, is relatively short. Death is inevitable For the most part, we live as though tomorrow is assured, but it isn't.
The big question: if you were to die today, have you really lived?
After facing the real possibility of her own demise, Robin took inventory of her life and realized she was given a second chance: a chance to love deeply, to forgive freely, to pray in faith and power, to choose joy, and to live life with No Regrets.

Based on experiences derived from 25 years of prayer ministry and her own personal experience, Robin Bertram, in No Regrets, provides insight, encouragement, and guidance to live a life that is impactful; to love deeply, to live passionately, and to leave a legacy
Live intentionally: Build a legacy, live a legacy, leave a legacy.
You will be encouraged to
• Live each day like it is the last
• Love deeply, live joyfully
• Prioritize important things in life
• Enjoying the small things in life
• Cultivate an awareness of everyday blessings
• Develop an attitude of gratitude
• 5 keys to developing a walk of faith
• 7 keys to forgiveness
• Embrace each day with enthusiasm
• Establishing a strong foundation in Christ • Build a legacy, live a legacy and leave a legacy

Respected teacher and Christian speaker Robin Bertram shares real-life accounts of miraculous transformations, as she lays out strong biblical guidelines for establishing effective prayer ministries to deal with real-life issues.

Regardless of modern perspective, there are absolutes. Nothing challenges the intellectual mindset more than the view that there is, beyond all reasoning, a pragmatic, unwavering perspective of seeing things in black and white, with no gray area. The belief in absolute truth stirs zealous opposition. "Shadows Among Us" reminds us that there are spiritual truths and, as we embrace them, we become radically transformed. Robin addresses real life problems with strong biblical answers.

• Fear, depression, and guilt
• Compulsive behaviors
• Self-esteem issues, hurt and rejection
• Forgiveness and reconciliation
• Restoration and hope

Often, due to life circumstances, finding one’s way in this world can be a daunting task, especially when there has been broken hearts, broken dreams, and broken relationships. But there are solutions available which result in life-changing transformation. At times, we all veer off the path God has intended for our lives, but Robin Bertram, in "Shadows Among Us", lays out with great clarity the path to healing, wholeness, and freedom.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Ps. 119:105 It’s time to find your way back home!

The entire Christian faith is based on the spiritual principle that God is love and to truly know Him, we must walk in love. Without love for God, we cannot truly love others. We begin to love others more as we understand the love God Himself has for us. Often, however, due to life’s circumstances, the love of God is blocked from us receiving what He has so graciously bestowed upon us. Either by choices we have made, or due to the poor choices of others that have been inflicted upon us, even as a child, blocks or barricades are frequently constructed. Frequently, in individuals who are struggling, there is a barrage of blocks. These blocks must be removed to allow the flow of God and His love into an individual’s life. Those who have blocks cannot experience the fullness of their inheritance as children of the one and only living God.
A critical aspect of deliverance ministry is the ability to convey to others the relentless, unwavering love of God, the Father.
Learn: God, the Father, is perfect in every way. God is the ultimate role model for all earthly fathers to emulate. Without love for God, we cannot truly love others or receive love. Adoption into the family of God is the path to wholeness.

Regardless of modern perspective, there are absolutes. Nothing challenges the intellectual mindset more than the view that there is, beyond all reasoning, a pragmatic, unwavering perspective of seeing things in black and white, with no gray area. The belief in absolute truth stirs zealous opposition. In today’s culture, we are encouraged to embrace the diverse and surrender the core of our beliefs. While America touts “In God We Trust,” our culture screams hostility to traditional Christianity through governmental policies, entertainment, education, and in every aspect of our modern culture. Judeo-Christian values are mocked and ridiculed and the moral compass is losing ground to hostile, anti-God, anti-Christian theology. We are encouraged to promote tolerance at the expense of forfeiting foundational truths of the Word of God.

These perceptions are diametrically opposed to what we, as Christians, are taught throughout scripture. Society tells us that to be in authority, one must take it; make room for yourself at the expense of those around you, climb your way to the top of the corporate ladder. Even in church, one may find the “you must work your way up” mentality. However, in the government of the Kingdom of God things are quite the opposite. True spiritual authority is given to those who are willing to give up their personal freedoms for the good of others; those who are willing to lay down their own desires and wants and submit their will to a higher authority.

Robin would love to meet you

Central to Robin Bertram’s ministry is her love for women and her heartfelt desire to help elevate women to their full potential in the Lord. Whether through books, Bible studies, or conference speaking engagements, her ministry theme, “Healings Hearts, Transforming Lives”, is put into action through life changing preaching, teaching and prayer ministry. Robin is a regular speaker at churches and conferences throughout the US, and is a frequent guest on Christian TV talk programs. In addition to conducting her own “Freedom Today” conferences, Robin is available as a guest speaker for Women’s Conferences and Retreats. Her authenticity, gentle spirit, and unwavering dedication to the Word of God make her ideally suited for audiences of all kinds. Some popular and impactful topics include:
- Impacting Our Culture With Your Voice
- Reach for the Impossible; Find God There
- 7 Keys to Unlocking the Hidden Treasures Within
- Legacy: Living a Life of Significance
- Dreams do come true
- Discovering Your Destiny: Esther, a story of Power and Purpose and Possibilities
- and her newest series, Living a Life of No Regrets, the subject of her latest book, to be released in the Spring of 2017