No Regrets Book Reviews

Poignant. Powerful. And highly practical. Robin Bertram combines honesty, vulnerability, and battle-earned wisdom to bless us with life-proven advice we can use to enhance our lives. Following her excellent guidance, we can learn to love others more deeply, celebrate life with joy and passion, overcome life's obstacles, and do it all with No Regrets. Highly recommended. Read it and reap!

Mary Hollingsworth
Best-Selling Author of 100+ Christian Books
Publisher, Creative Enterprises Studio

I received this book for free from Netgalley in return for my honest opinion. This book is very religious and makes you think about how you're living life. If you died tomorrow, would you leave with any regrets? After facing the possibility of death, Robin Bertram took inventory of her life, and realized she was given a second chance: a chance to choose joy and to live life with no regrets.My favorite quote of this book is " Today is the best day you have; it is not yesterday because you cannot change it, and not tomorrow because it may never come".There are stories, biblical quotes and words of wisdom. If you need an uplifting book, this book is for you!!! Thank you Robin Betram for the uplifting book. I enjoyed it very much.

Savannah Rae
Good Reads

Pastor Keith Kelly of Dove's Niteline said- "This is a book for the ages. I believe it is as important as Oswell Chambers, The Utmost for His Highest, or A tale of Three Kings, by Gene Edwards."

CTN's Hermon and Sharron Show- (has been rated in the top 10 Christian programs on cable television and has been awarded 10 ANGEL AWARDS for excellence in programming.) Hermon said "If there is one book you purchase this year, it should be No Regrets. Get the book. Trust me, you will not regret it."

The Good Life CTN TV with Bob & Jane D'Andrea, Jane said, "After reading No Regrets, I woke up in the middle of the night and I knew God's hand was on this book. I could feel His anointing. "

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