When a million dollar salary is just not enough.

Some time ago I had been invited to join in on a business opportunity. I sat in a boardroom in a high-rise overlooking the city of Dallas with about 12 others, 6 of which were multimillionaires. They had flown me in, arranged for my stay in an exquisite hotel, picked me up in a stretch limo, and gave me the royal treatment. How impressive!

These men were at the top of their game: outstanding businessmen who knew how to make things work well. I must say, I was a bit overwhelmed with all they had accomplished in life. They looked like the winning team, and more importantly, they had the track record to prove it. How could I not join in?

I had some time before I had to make a decision. As I was preparing to board my flight back home, God whispered in my ear, Don't chase after someone else's dream. In one instant, I had my answer. There was no more consideration needed.

I had been sensing His direction from the very beginning, but when he spoke to me with such clarity, I absolutely knew what I needed to do.

Sometimes in life, we have a myriad of what seems to be great opportunities, and we do. But what we need is God-opportunities. What looks like success to the world, can ultimately be failure in the sight of God.

There have been times in my life that I failed to be obedient to Gods lead. I paid a hefty price for such decisions. The pain even today, has had its lingering effects of past disobedience. There are some decisions that you cannot change. God is so gracious to carry us through when we fall.
1. If you hear Gods' voice, heed His direction, or pay a high price for disobedience.
2. Discern the difference between a good opportunity and a God opportunity and choose wisely. Only God opportunities will have lasting value.
3. Trust in the Lord, that He will lead and guide you. He did not leave you out there all alone. It is His desire to walk with us, holding us in the palm of His hand.
4. Pray for Gods wisdom before committing to any decision.

Remember the rich man who wanted to be perfect. He just didn't want to give it all. There are times when our all, is just what is required, and not even a million dollars could buy that.

Dear Father,
Thank you for saving me. Please help me to make the right decisions in everything I do. Help me to make decisions that honor You. I need the leadership of your Holy Spirit and I welcome that leadership in my life. Thank you Lord.
In Jesus' name I pray, Amen


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